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Operational Intelligence is a consulting business that delivers solutions that provide entire building system integration, operational systems integration, business process mapping, information management, advanced analytics and 3D visualisations to improve operations for a wide variety of results. This is done through a software platform that brings together the management of smart buildings and the workplace.

As a global integrated smart solutions provider, Operational Intelligence works with clients to realise the full potential of their building and its workplaces using both hardware and software solutions. Operational Intelligence delivers the most optimal solutions through:

  • Considering the whole lifecycle of the facility and end-user inputs
  • Mapping user journeys
  • Customising workflows and user journeys
  • Aligning strategy with the client values and vision
  • Designing a system that is fit for purpose, scalable and practical
  • Achieving superior business outcomes at the lowest lifecycle cost
  • Delivering analytical data that is applicable to real life solutions
  • Providing one user interface that is accessible anytime, anywhere